Best Banting Burgers – Ever!

Viva la Banting Burger!

A Banting / LCHF lifestyle doesn’t mean that Burgers have to become a thing of the past – no sir!

If anything, I think a banting-friendly burger is EVEN TASTIER than a ‘normal’ one!

I made these for the family last night, in honour of the Springboks-USA rubgy match. The Boks’ victory went down almost as well as the burgers 😉

Here are the toppings/ingredients I used, but you can tailor them to suit your mood.

That’s the beauty of burgers… anything goes!

Amber’s Spring(bok)-time Banting Burgers:



100% beef patties


Sliced tomato


Banting mushroom sauce

Brie cheese

Sliced avocado


Bacon, Avo and Brie – truly a match made in Heaven!



P.S. – As far as bread vs. oopsie rolls goes – I find that the oopsie rolls make a wonderful substitute! There’s none of the jaw-yanking chewiness of bread, and the oopsie rolls taste great. Take it from me.

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