Ah, Mondays…

What is it about Mondays that makes them so crap?


Well… sometimes.

Really, they’re just like any other day of the week, except they just happen to fall directly after the weekend.

It’s not their fault.

Take this Monday, for example. I woke up feeling inexplicably grumpy. Since then, in between going about my usual routine and trying not to bite anyone’s head off, it’s been a process of elimination trying to figure out why.

Yes, Mondays mean going back to work – but I enjoy my job, immensely, and it’s not like I had a particularly fun weekend, so the contrast between work and play is irrelevant this time.

It’s cold outside now, what with Winter deciding to arrive with the grace and poise of an intoxicated newborn giraffe last week. Hmm, maybe that’s it. These cold Highveld mornings bring with them the morning-shower-dilemma: loathing the cold task of getting undressed, but loving being in the warm shower – only to face the even colder task of getting out and dressing yourself. If only staying in bed were an option…

Mondays, Mondays… Everyone “starts their diet” on ‘Monday’. Ugh.

Cold + endeavour-to-start-diet-and-stick-to-it-for-realsies-this-time = a jolly crap time.

One can’t partake in endless warm beverages to combat the cold, when said beverages are counter-productive to the diet in question. Well, there’s a range of teas one could drink, I suppose, like chamomile (maybe) and green tea (ugh, definitely not). That said, such teas, lovely as the might be from time to time, are completely devoid of any of the joyful, rich, sweet qualities that comfort one when one is cold and feeling sorry for oneself.

So, that’s a ‘no’.

Oh, Monday! Perhaps it isn’t your fault after all!

I propose doing away with the idea that diets should start on Mondays! Ladies – let’s stop doing this to ourselves? The pressure of a new week is enough: waking up early again, braving the cold, being a functional adult… To add the pressure of commiting to a (more thank likely) 180-degree change in dietary and exercise habits is ridiculous.

Ain’t nobody got discipline for that!

So, there it is. Monday, I apologize for trying to pin my doomed mood on you; it transpires that Mondays and Lifestyle changes don’t go hand in hand in my case.

Tuesday – you’re up, sunshine.


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