Kicking off with a 3-day Detox

The Detox that was…


Last week, waking up in the right head-space led me to writing my previous post – where I explained my endeavour to improve my physical health, so as to enjoy improved mental health. The mind-body connection.

So, seeing as I had that momentum going, I wanted to take advantage of being in the right head-space (in case that didn’t last) – and started a 3-day detox on Friday. I’ve been meaning to do one for a while and I think that this new-found determination I woke up with was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Having done this detox before (3 times) I was well-prepared and knew exactly what I was in for:

  • Headaches (as the liver gets to work flushing toxins out of the system)
  • Tiredness
  • Hunger
  • Mood swings
  •  Several trips to the loo

… or so I thought.

To my surprise, even though I followed the plan to the book, this 3-day Detox was the smoothest, most pleasant one I’ve ever done! I did have the dreaded headache on days one and two, but instead of the crippling migraine that I’d anticipated I experienced just a mild, dull ache. Thanks to this I was able to remain productive over the three days, rather than holed up in bed, praying for sleep (taking painkillers while detoxing would be counter-productive).

There was tiredness too, but again – not the degree of tiredness that I was anticipating. My mind was awake while my body felt more relaxed than tired… I was perfectly happy to lie on the couch or on my bed, reading or watching something – instead of shutting out all stimuli in order to rest.

The thinking behind doing the detox over a weekend was that I’d avoid feeling tired and headachey at work, for the most part. Mission accomplished! I actually enjoyed my weekend, which (as part of the detox) included two colon hydrotherapy sessions, two big loads of laundry and a family visit. All in all, the detox went incredibly well and has been a great kick-start to my journey of improving my overall health.

What did I get out of this 3-day Detox?


Going into this detox, what I’d aimed to achieve was an improved sense of wellness. By this I mean feeling less lethargic at work and being able to concentrate better, enjoying better energy levels throughout the day, improved sleep and digestion, and subsequently, less anxiety and mood swings.

Today is only my first day post-detox and back at work, but I can confidently say: so far so good – on all counts!

What I didn’t expect to get out of this, but did – is the sense of calm that I’ve been enjoying since day two, and I’m still riding the wave… This, in contrast to the general and sometimes terrible anxiety that plagues me, is not only new – but extremely pleasant!

Would you like to Detox too?


I’m not one to dish out health advice, so I won’t prescribe. Rather, I’d recommend doing your own research in light of my experience and making the decision for yourself 🙂

First-time detoxes generally are a lot more difficult to get through than this one was for me. But, like most things, they become easier with practice. I use only Willow products for detoxing (they’re not only Proudly South African – whoo – but also safe  and effective). To my delight, they’re available online hereBowel Detox number One and Two – and are delivered countrywide within a few working days. Now that’s brand excellence!

One thing that’s been impressed upon me when doing bowel detoxes is that they must be accompanied by colon hydrotherapy. I won’t try and sell it to you, because I think people are inclined to have strong opinions where having anything put in their bottoms is concerned (even in the name of health) – and I don’t want to join that debate. Suffice to say that I’ve only ever had pleasant, painless, effective experiences and would recommend colon hydrotherapy to anyone open-minded enough. If you’re for it and are looking for a brilliant therapist in the Johannesburg area, get in touch and I’ll pass on her details.

All in all, I’m glad that I did this 3-day Detox. I feel great and am inspired to continue making healthy choices, exploring and trying different things in my quest for improved physical and mental health.